Welcome to Winter’s World

Hey, sweetie! I’m Justine Winter, a writer and hybrid author, and proud owner of an Aston Martin DB10. Oops, one of these things might be a lie. . . I know, it’s my name. . .

I’m officially a proud owner of a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing, and continue to navigate the book world in its entirety – from self-pubbing to traditional. I’ve been writing in the Fantasy/Paranormal genre for a good few years, dipped my toes in Romance, and now I’m venturing into Crime – there’s just no stopping me when it comes to this business.

I love food, hate coffee, and gobble up books like they’re oxygen. I’m often geeky, always funny – my dad jokes will go down in history. By day I work for an NHS Charity in the UK’s capital, and by night I cross dimensions and battle evil.

Come find me on social media; I love a good chat.