About Me

da0ae-copy2bof2bjustine2bwinter I’ve  always  lived  a  life  based  on  my  imagination,  from  hopeless  dreams  of  romance  to  concocting  alternate  realities  involving  supernaturals.  I’m  completely  fascinated  with  anything  hero-related,  and  often  speculate  which  superpower  I’d  possess.  I  haven’t  settled  on  one  yet.

I  was  born  in   England,  and  currently  reside  in  Wales,  UK.  I  love  to  write,  and  most  days  you’ll  find  me  happily  tapping  away  at  the  computer  whilst  in  my  pyjama-clad  bubble.  I  also  spend  my  time  reading,  and  if  that  isn’t  enough  I’m  often  in  the  kitchen  baking  up  a  treat.

I’m  extremely  ambitious  and  full  of  determination  though  that  may   be  the  Scorpio  in  me.  My  life  has  been  one  extreme  rollercoaster,  and  now  the  fun  really  begins!  I  hope  you  strap  in,  and  enjoy  the  journey  too.  All  aboard  the  Winter  Express!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. As a fellow newbie in the vast world of authorship, the best of luck. Don’t be let the hard work hold you back, it is a blast the first time you see a sale of one of your titles. I’ll keep an eye out for you first book. Good luck.
    Ri Char Barness


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