Crazy. Confused. Who Am I Again?

I  know  I’m  supposed  to  be  writing.  I  know.  I  have  chapters  waiting  for  my  attention.  I  have  blog  posts  demanding  to  be  written.  And  yet,  here  I  am.  Writing  absolutely  nothing  coherent.

Stop  that.  I  can  feel  the  penetrating  glare  coming  from  you.  I  know  you’re  waiting  on  me.  I  am,  too.

My  words  have  gone,  flown  away  for  a  well-needed  holiday.  What  good  does  that  do  me?

It  doesn’t.  I’m  left  stranded  here  day  after  day  staring  at  the  blank  screen,  and  expecting  the  words  to  show.

Much  like  this post.  Are  you  bored  yet?

The  clock  keeps  ticking  like  a  penetrating  beat  reminding  me  of  the  time  I’m  wasting.  The  sun  melds  with  the  moon  more  often  than  I’d  like.  I  have  nothing  to  show  for  the  days  gone  by  besides  a  frustration  headache.  I’m  pushing  back  deadlines  again  and  again.  I’m  running  on  empty.

You  know  the  film  Pirates  of  the  Caribbean?  Yeah,  it’s  awesome,  right?   Sorry,  sidetracked.  Anyway,  you  remember  the  pirate  guy   that’s  always  chasing  after  his  wooden  eye?

Yeah?  That’s  me,  trying  to  find  my brain,  but  the  sneaky  monkey  keeps  running  off  with  it.  The  task  is  admittedly  too  big  for  one  person.  I  need  your  help.

The  last  time  I  checked,  my  brain  was  occupied  with  thoughts  of  Luna  and  Riley  getting  ready  to  battle  the  next  obstruction  in  their  lives.  If  you  find  it,  it’ll  probably  come  with  a  warning  label:  Welcome  to  Crazy,  population  one.

Anyway,  I’m  so  confused  in  my  own  head  space  that  I  can’t  even  remember  what  the  point  of  this  post  was  supposed  to  be.

I  bet  you’re  glad  you  wasted  time  reading  it  now.

P.S.  There’s  irony  to  this  post,  if  you  can  find  it  of  course. 😉

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