Empty shells dress the ground at my feet,
Echoing in my mind as I blast each lethal sweet.
My targets they wait, hiding down below,
Cowering behind ruins as they run out of ammo.

My breathing remains even despite my pounding chest,
I inch forward slowly, testing my armoured vest.
Bullets hurtle all around, terrified shouts fill the air,
Red pools soak the ground; a poignant outcome of warfare.

My comrades take cover at the howl of a grenade,
We wait out the blast, gearing up to invade.
Sweat trickles down my neck, the burning heat sears my soul,
Yet I trundle ahead, towards the emerging black hole.

I wish for my home, for the strength of my wife,
For the press of her lips as she gives me new life.
But as we scout out the zone, danger sparks up anew,
At this moment I know, I won’t make our rendezvous.

Slowly, I fall, time disappears from me completely,
I ignore all the pain, taking my enemy with me.
My army brothers lean down as I pat my left pocket,
A goodbye to my love with her favourite sonnet.

Though it is day, darkness closes on my eyes,
I take my last breath, envisioning the sunrise.
As my essence drifts away, I have only one regret,
There’ll be no more ‘I love you’, and too much upset.

Lest We Forget.


Remember in Red

The  silence  in  the  car  was  loud  enough  to  make  a  statement.  The  clock  struck  11am,  and  I  paused  for  the  memory  of  the  lives  of  the  brave  men  and  women  who’d  fought  for  our  country,  and  for  those  still  fighting.

The  three  hour  journey  home  was  sombre  as  I  thought  of  the  many  sacrificing  their  lives,  their  loved  ones,  and  their  families  so  that  I  could  do  what  I  loved  as  a  living.

There  are  many  of  us  who  take  what  we  have  for  granted,  and  allow  the  little  things  in  life  to  worry  us  completely.  Imagine  waking  up  in  a  fold-out  bed  with  nothing,  but  another  long  day  out  in  the  sand  patrolling  the  desert  while  dodging  bullets  that  come   flying  through  the  air.  Imagine  waking  up  each  morning  and  wondering  if  it  would  be  your  last.  I  couldn’t,  and  I  certainly  couldn’t  endure  the  pain  both  physically  and  mentally.

The  Armed  Forces  as  a  collective  provide  a  service  to  its  country  and  people,  but  it’s  much  more  than  that. It  is  a  symbol  of  hope  for  our  future,  where  a  world  of  peace  should  exist.

Today  I  wear   my  poppy  proudly  in  honour  of  those  that  have  passed  away  protecting  our  future.  I  salute  them  for  their  courage  and  bravery,  and  I  am  in  awe  of  them  for  doing  something  I  could  not.

Thank  you  for  giving  me  the  choice  of  freedom  while  you  sacrifice  yours.

Lest  we  forget.