Happiness Unlocked

Friday  afternoon  I  celebrated  by  flailing  my  arms  about  in  the  air  whilst  my  legs,  extremely  uncoordinated  as  they  are,  swayed  to  my  non-existent  music.  Why,  you  ask?  Because  I  finished  the  first  draft  of  my  debut  novel!  Cheers!

As  I  questioned  my  ability  for  the  hundredth  time,  I  metaphorically  slapped  my  back  and  congratulated  myself  on  reaching  the  first  milestone.   Yipee!

For  the  past  month  I  have  sat  my  (hopefully-though-not-likely  small)  butt  at  the  desk,  and  written  every  day  pouring  my  heart,  guts  and  questionable  eye  fluid into  my  story.  I  could  tell  you  I  did  it  because  I’m  crazy,  but  honestly  I  loved  every  minute,  even  when  I  was  frustrated  at  my  characters  for  not  doing  what  I  asked  of  them.  I  mean  seriously,  who’s  the  writer  here?

After  the  writing  comes  the  editing,  and  perhaps  rather  foolishly  of  me,  I’m   looking  forward  to  the  process.  Please,  I’m  not  stupidly  punishing  myself,  but  it  means  I’ll  be  another   step  closer  to  publishing  my  little  bundle  of  joy.  You  can  understand  that  right?  Plus  I  really  need  to  make  sure  I’m  not  repeating  myself.  Repeating  myself.  😉

Idealistically  I’ll  have  you  all  swooning  over  my  creative  efforts,  and  by  some  unfathomable  reason  you’ll  be  knocking  my  door  down  to  read  the  sequel.  After  all,  I’m  nothing  but  optimistic.  *insert  cheesy  grin,  and  awkward  wink*

On  a  serious  note,  I  will  be  posting  the  prologue  soon  which  I  hope  you’ll  enjoy.  As  a  kind  farewell  I’m  going  to  let  you  in  on  a  secret;  my  novel  is  based  on  Werewolves.

Have  a  howlingly  good  week!

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