The Nature’s Destiny Series Is Officially in Paperback!

Series: Nature’s Destiny
Books: Nature’s Destiny, Sapphire’s Divinity, Guardians Dynasty, Warriors Duty
Author: Justine Winter
Genre: Paranormal Romance
My life was changing, morphing into something greater than I could have anticipated. I was becoming something I didn’t recognise as myself anymore. A Werewolf. 
I was different. 
‘Hybrid’ was what they called me, and the weight that rested against that one word was crippling. They depended on me to bring them safety. What made me so special? 
Oh, that’s right. My destiny. 
I was sucked into a world I’d had no idea existed. Twenty-one years as a human, and this was what I found out. 
My travelling plans, my writing degree, all of it was gone within one night. One evil night that robbed my humanity. 
I wasn’t completely sour. Life had been unfair a while ago, only now I’d had something worth fighting for besides myself. Something to live for. 
I was afraid for the others. I couldn’t let them down. I wouldn’t let them down. 
I’d gone to bed a human and woken up a Werewolf. 
A special Werewolf. 
A Hybrid.
I was a hybrid werewolf with a secret destiny shadowed by a prophecy the Ancient Guardians foretold. The same Ancient Guardians that had organised the annual Alpha summit Riley had been summoned to. 

Since Jackson’s demon threat everyone was powered up on overtime at the gym. Train, sweat, repeat. Train, sweat, repeat. 
But all that rage-filled preparation wasn’t enough. We were being targeted by something new, and it didn’t stop there. 
The summit was proving to be my nemesis. Egotistical morons challenged me with threats to the one I loved, and I knew I couldn’t endure a life without Riley. 
Besides all of that, there was one thing I was finally understanding about the supernatural. Nothing was as it seemed. 
Not even me.

I was dying.
Every minute I wasted without a mate, my mind became more volatile. I was unbalanced, stronger than I was capable of handling alone.
Supposedly, I was destined for greatness, but apparently I had to overcome another task first.
A mating.
Riley was my one true love. I was sure. However, that didn’t necessarily mean I was his. Complications, it seemed, were becoming my forte.
Despite my personal problems, the demons emerged, offering little hope and even less mercy. With my mind preoccupied, I wasn’t ready for the attack heading our way.
The pack needed me now more than ever, but the demons were cunning, thwarting my plans and upping the stakes each time.
I was letting them down. We weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready.
Darkness descended on Nature’s Destiny, and sadness was sure to come.
War had begun.

Death. Destruction. Demons.
War was officially declared.
Blade’s rebirth into the world became something we truly weren’t prepared for. And I felt guilty. Blaming myself for not getting to Lara in time.
She was gone. Nature’s Destiny was grieving.
In the midst of our woes the battle was brewing. Incubi kept coming. Hell beasts were slaying. And the demon master was another step closer to winning.
With an army of supernatural beings in my arsenal I was optimistic that we were enough. We had the prophecy and my fortitudo on our side.
Whatever happened there was one thing I knew for certain.
The end had come.

I’ve always lived a life based on my imagination, from hopeless dreams of romance to concocting alternate realities involving supernaturals. I’m completely fascinated with anything hero-related, and often speculate which superpower I’d possess. I haven’t settled on one yet.

I was born in England, and currently reside in Wales, UK. I love to write, and most days you’ll find me happily tapping away at the computer whilst in my pyjama-clad bubble. I also spend my time reading, and if that isn’t enough I’m often in the kitchen baking up a treat.

Meet Grayson Rush

On  Friday,  I  promised  to  release  a  snippet  into  my  current  project  providing  Grayson,  my  main  character,  behaved  and  gave  me  my  word  count.  He  didn’t.  Yet  here  I  am  still  rewarding  him.  I  guess  I’m  just  as  bad  for  enabling  his  sins.

So,  who  is  Grayson  Rush?

He’s  a  bad  boy  billionaire  looking  to  expand  his  empire  whilst  maintaining  all  his  other  business  ventures.  He’s  a  hardworking  man  that  enjoys  the  stress-relief  of  good-looking  women.  Plural.  And  he’s  not  after  love;  that  takes  too  much  of  his  precious  time.  But  as  womanizingly  manwhoreish as  he  is,  he  also  has   a  few  redeeming  qualities –  his  sense  of  humour,  and  the  kindness  that’s  buried  deep  down  in  his  heart.  Deep,  deep  down.  Remember  that.

Anyway,  this  novel  is  all  through  his  viewpoint,  so  it’s  filled  with  filthy  man-talk.  You  know,  just  so  you’re  warned  beforehand.  If  that  sounds  like  your  kind  of  guy,  then  keep  on  reading.


*First  draft.  Content  subject  to  change  come  publication.  Copyright,  Justine Winter 2015.*

“Good  morning,  Mr.  Rush.”

“Olivia,”  I  acknowledge  my  secretary  as  I  enter  the  top  floor  of  Rush  Tower  that  houses  only  my  office.  “What  have  we  got  going  on  today?”  I  ask  as  she  hovers  beside  me,  clearly  something  is  on  her  mind.

“Your  afternoon  appointment  with  Enhance  Graphics  and  Design  has  been  moved  to  this  morning.  Now,  in  fact.”

I  raise  my  brow,  keen  to  meet  the  person  with  enough  guts  to  rearrange  my  busy  schedule.  “Have  they  been  waiting  long?”  I  ask.

“No,  sir.  Just  a  few  minutes.  I  have  her  in  the  conference  room  for  you.”

“Thank  you,”  I  appraise,  flashing  the  grey-haired  woman  my  warmest  smile  as  I  head  toward  my  office  to  unload  and  prepare.  “Hold  my  calls  until  I’m  done.”

These  days,  loyal,  hard-working  assistants  are  hard  to  find.  Most  think  it’s  their  best  opportunity  to  screw  me  by  applying  for  one  of  my  jobs,  but  the  truth  is  any  girl  on  the  street  has  a  far  greater  chance  of  that  happening.  Workplace  fucks  never  happen.  It’s  my  number  one  rule.  I  can’t  afford  to  mess  business  up  with  pleasure.  Lawsuits,  remember?  They’d  kill  me.  Never  mind  the  work  that  would  never  get  done,  brain  cells  can  be  a  bit  lacking  sometimes.  Fuck,  that  was  a  nice  way  for  me  to  put  it.  What  I  mean  is,  they’re  all  fucking  dumb. 

So  when  Olivia  entered  my  doors,  dressed  conservatively  elegant  for  her  older  age,  I  had  no  qualms  that  this  would  be  the  woman  with  only  an  agenda  to  work  on  her  mind.  And  fuck  me  was  I  right.  She’s  brilliant.

As  I  hang  my  coat  on  the  rack  in  my  office,  I  consider  using  the  effective  power-shifting  tool  of  making  my  appointment  wait  a  little  longer.  I  told  you,  I’m  all  about  control.  I’m  the  one  in  charge.

If  I  let  one  client  rearrange  my  schedule  then  it  sets  the  precedent  for  others,  and  I’ve  worked  too  damn  hard  to  be  at  another’s  beck  and  call.  But  I’m  also  a  professional.  So  in  the  thirty  seconds  it  takes  for  me  to  have  a  to-and-fro  battle  in  my  mind  of  how  this  would  play  out,  I decide  to  cut  to  the  chase  and  get  on  with  the  reason  I  called  for  the  meeting  in  the  first  place.

I  straighten  my  jacket,  pull  on  my  stony  business  face,  and  head  towards  the  conference  room. 

By  the  time  I  reach  the  glass  doors,  I’m  afforded  the  chance  of  checking  her  out  without  her  knowing.  She’s  staring  out  the  windows,  glaring  at  the  view  of  London’s  famous  landmarks.  Big  Ben.  Westminster.  London  Eye.

When  I’ve  eventually  had  my  fill  of  her  scrumptious  arse  and  bare  legs  that  are  accentuated  by  the  delicious  four-inch  heels  she’s  wearing,  I  clear  my  throat  to  announce  myself,  but  even  as  the  words  leave  my  mouth  I’m  lost  inside  the  most  enchanting  jade  green  eyes. 

Call  it  what  you  will  –  lust,  attraction,  desire  –  I  know  I’m  in  fucking  trouble.  The  number  one  rule  I  swore  to  myself  just  minutes  ago  already  has  me  crippling  with  hatred.  Fucking  rules.

And  that’s  just  her  eyes.  I  take  her  in  entirely,  and  I’m  impressed.  No,   more  than  that.  I’m  a  bloody  animal  that  wants  to  press  her  bare  cheeks  up  against  the  glass  window  and  fuck  her  brains  out  until  all  she  remembers  is  the  raw  pleasure  I  give  her.  Over  and  over.

Her  lips  are  full,  begging  to  be  kissed.  Her  tits,  though  concealed  in  a  smart,  hot-pink  dress,  are  bigger  than  my  hands.  And  those  sweet  long  legs  look  even  better  up  close.

I’m  fucked. 



This  is  what  I  get  for  being  a  sexually  active  man.  A  boner  for  forbidden  fruit.

“Mr.  Rush,  pleasure  to  meet  you.”

Oh,  it  will  be. 

“I’m  Maya  Kennedy,  Enhance’s  junior  designer.”

I  blink,  and  blink  again.  Junior?  I  call  for  an  important  meeting  with  a  new  company  and  they  send  me  a  fucking  junior?

“Is  this  a  joke?”  I  ask,  wondering  what  the  girl’s  gain  is  in  wasting  my  time.  She  rearranges  my  day  for  this?

She   sputters  as  if  offended.  “Not  at  all,  Mr. Rush.  My  boss  asked  that  I  come  in  her  stead.  She’s  out  with  food  poisoning.”

I  scrutinise  her,  knowing  she’s  seeing  the  dark  danger  in  my  eyes.  Many  have  faltered  under  my  gaze,  yet  she  seems  unaffected.  Clearly  she  isn’t  intimidated,  and  neither  is  she  falling  head-over-heels  in  love  with  me. 

Oh,  good  god.  It’s  finally  happened.  I’ve  lost  it.  You  know,  the  it  that  makes  me  dangerously  alluring.  The  it  that  makes  businessmen  I  compete  with  squirm.


“My  qualifications  and  creative  mind  far  succeed  my  job  title,  Mr.  Rush.  I  wouldn’t  be  so  quick  to  walk  me  out  the  door.”  She  crosses  her  arms  over  her  chest,  and  the  movement  alone  is  enough  to  distract  me  for  a  few  seconds.

What?  She’s  the  one  encouraging  me  to  look.  Don’t  tell  me  women  don’t  do  that  on  purpose  to  distract  us  men  long  enough  to  agree  to  whatever  it  is  they  want.  It’s  one  of  their  womanly  powers.

And  it  works,  because  I  can’t  remember  what  it  is  we  were  talking  about  when  all  I’m  thinking  about  is  having  my  cock  wrapped  in  her  tit  sandwich  for  lunch.


“Mr.  Rush,  are  you  really  so  snobbish,  you’d  readily  disregard  what  I  can  do  for  you  and  your  company  without  the  grace  of  assessing  a  simple  mock-up  beforehand?”

I  smirk  at  her  boldness,  liking  her  confidence.  Of  course,  I  won’t  tell  her  that.  I  like  this  fire  in  her.

“Please,  sit  down,  Ms  Kennedy.”  I  extend  my  hand  to  one  of  the  many  seats  along  the  long  conference  table,  eager  to  have  her  in  my  company,  questioning  my  every  word.

Christ,  she’s  fucking  gorgeous.

She  stares  dubiously,  no  doubt  assessing  my  intention.  When  she  sits,  I  take  it  I’ve  passed  her  test  for  now,  and  settle  in  a  seat  opposite  her.

“So,  what  can  Enhance  Graphics  and  Design  do  for  you,  Mr.  Rush?”

I  have  to  hand  it  to  her,  she’s  remaining  professional  no  matter  what  she  already  thinks  of  me.  And  I  know,  based  on  her  distance,  that  she  has  strong  opinions  about  me.  Which  is  fine  for  now,  I’ll  make  sure  I’ve  changed  her  mind  about  me  by  the  time  the  job  is  done.

Then,  business  will  be  over,  and  the  all-night  pleasure  party  can  begin.

Milestone Marker

Holy  Freakin’  Moly.

Whatever  you’re  doing  right  now,  stop.  Like,  seriously.  Stop.  I  have  another  exciting  milestone  to  mark.

Guess  what  I’ve  literally  done?  Any  takers? . . .


That’s right  lovers,  I’ve  finished  the  first  draft  of  Guardians  Dynasty!  You  guys  know  the  score,  still  got  a  way  to  go  yet  until  it’s  published,  but  I  wanted  to  share  this  victory  with  you  all  since  I’m  riding  a  pretty  epic  high  right  now.  This  is  me  in  my  pj’s,  you  know,  because  I’m  a  stereotypical  writer . . .


Oh,  and  while  I  remember. . .  Yeah,  it’s  easy  to  forget  what  I  was  meant  to  write  about  when  my  brain  is  shooting  stars  of  awesome  distraction  across  my  mind  right  now.  Guardians  Dynasty  has  a  theme  song,  and  I  literally  only  heard  it  the  other  day,  which  was  quite  lucky,  considering  the  lyrics  were  perfect  for  the  scenes  I  had  yet  to  write.  Anyway,  it’s  a  Nickelback  song  from  their  new  No  Fixed  Address  album , titled  The Hammer’s  Coming  Down.  So,  if  you  want  an  idea  of  what  to  expect  in  the  third  installment  of  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series,  then  listen  to  this.

I  hope  everyone  else’s  week  has  started  off  as  good  as  mine!

Nature’s Destiny Paperback Giveaway

It’s giveaway time!

What better way to celebrate my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas than with a giveaway? Or, you know, any other reason you can think of…

I’m a sucker for this time of year; I absolutely love it. The colder, darker, longer nights, the necessary need for hot chocolate, and everything relates to Christmas. The food, films, music, family time, and the inspiration that always comes to mind – watch out for a project I’m working on coming this time next year. Until the end of December 2014, I’m hosting a giveaway via Goodreads for a SIGNED paperback of Nature’s Destiny, the first book in my Werewolf series. Enter here

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Nature’s Destiny Teaser

There wasn’t a need for talk as I watched the sky. It was a dark, navy colour and it shone with the many stars that twinkled above me. Captivating from the get-go, I settled to enjoy the peace and quiet. Who knew what I’d be facing in the future?
   Riley’s even breathing held a steady rhythm that lulled and hypnotized me. It was completely tranquil. I decided to rest my eyes for a few minutes, and tightened my hold on his shirt.
   I drifted off into a dreamless sleep, and stirred a few minutes later.
   “Getting sleepy, sweetheart?” he asked.
   I nodded, and attempted to get up.
   “Where are you going?”
   “We should probably go back, right?” I asked.
   “No, we can stay here if you want. Inside or outside, it’s up to you,” he said, as he motioned for me to settle down in his arms again. I did without complaining. I liked it here.
   “Won’t we get cold?”  I asked. As warm as I was, I was unsure if the drop in temperature was going to affect us.
   “Shhh. Stop worrying, there’s a blanket inside if we need it. Close your eyes my beautiful Luna, I will take care of you.”
   I did as I was told, sneaking one last look at the stars. My destiny written all over them.
   “Do you think the prophecy, my destiny, is exactly what you were told?”
   “Destiny is what we make through the choices life gives us. The future isn’t promised, which is why we make each day count. Live for you, not because of what’s expected of you. We don’t judge, we protect. That’s family, and that’s pack. And I will always be here for you, Luna. We’ll get through this together.” He kissed the top of my head and tightened his arms around me.
   My choices had been taken away from me the day I was turned. Since then I’d followed orders. I wasn’t me anymore, I was the person I was always supposed to become. Special.
   It didn’t matter what everyone thought. I was going to protect my pack, especially Riley. Nothing was going to stop me from giving him the happiness he deserved. Even if that meant war.

Sapphire’s Divinity Release & Blog Tour

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I  can’t  believe  my  second  novel  is  being  released  today!!  Can  I  scream?  I  think  I’ll  scream….



Okay,  so  I  guess  you  guys  are  waiting  for  all  the  juicy  deets.  You  can  officially  buy  SAPPHIRE’S  DIVINITY  on  eBook  at  most  platforms  today!  Amazon  UK,  Amazon  US,  Kobo  &  Smashwords.

To  celebrate,  I’ve  arranged  a  great  tour  with  some  of  the  most  amazing  bloggers  who’ll  be  posting  their  reviews,  guest  posts  from  me,  excerpts  and  I  have  a  brilliant  giveaway  going.  Check  out  the  tour  dates  and  stops  below,  and  trust  me  you’ll  want  in  on  the  giveaway  –  it’s  a  fun  one!

Wednesday  27th  August
The  Book  Diaries  –  Review
Happy  Tails  and  Tales –  Review

Thursday  28th  August
Kirstie’s  Passionate  About  Reading  –  Review

Friday  29th  August
Breaking  That  Kindle  Book  Blog  –  Spotlight & Excerpt
Paranormal  Book  Blog  –  Spotlight  &  Excerpt

Tuesday  2nd  September
Happy  Tails  and  Tales  –  Character  Interview

Friday  5th  September
Kit  ‘n’  Kabookle  –  Playlist  Post
Works  of  Fiction  –  Review

Monday  8th  September
All  is  Read  –  Review

Tuesday  9th  September
MsMe28  –  Review
Nightly  Reading  –  Review

Thursday  11th  September
Indy  Book  Fairy  –  Review

Friday  12th  September
Between  the  Lines  –  Review

Every  Alpha  needs  a  Beta.  Just  like  Riley  depends  on  Nick  and  Shane,  I’m  offering  the  chance  for  two  lucky  readers  to  become  Beta’s  for  the  next  book  in  the  series.  What  does  that  mean?  It  means  YOU  get  to  read  the  next  story  before  anyone  else  AND  tell  me  what  you  think!  Sound  like  fun?  It  should  be!  Enter  here.  Good  Luck!

Sapphire's Divinity 3x

I  was  a  hybrid  werewolf  with  a  secret  destiny  shadowed  by  a  prophecy  the  Ancient  Guardians  foretold.  The  same  Ancient  Guardians  that  had  organised  the  annual  Alpha  summit  Riley  had  been  summoned  to.

Since  Jackson’s  demon  threat  everyone  was  powered  up  on  overtime  at  the  gym.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.

But  all  that  rage-filled  preparation  wasn’t  enough.  We  were  being  targeted  by  something  new,  and  it  didn’t  stop  there.

The  summit  was  proving  to  be  my  nemesis.  Egotistical  morons  challenged  me  with  threats  to  the  one  I  loved,  and  I  knew  I  couldn’t  endure  a  life  without  Riley.

Besides  all  of  that,  there  was  one  thing  I  was  finally  understanding  about  the  supernatural.  Nothing  was  as   it  seemed.

Not  even  me.

Cover Reveal & Sale!!

Happy  Hump  Day!  And, what a great Wednesday it is  because  I  FINALLY  get  to  share  the  amazing  cover  for  Sapphire’s  Divinity,  the  sequel  to  Nature’s  Destiny  today.

Can  I  get  a  whoop,  whoop?

Whoop,  whoop.

Once  again  I  have  to  thank  my  brilliant  cover  designer,  Melody  Simmons,  for  giving  my  story  such  a  beautiful  face.  I  just  love  how  she  interprets  my  visions  into  something  substantial  –  even  when  I’m  being  super  picky  on  the  minute  details.

Now  on  to  the  goodies.

Sapphire’s  Divinity  is  a  New  Adult  Paranormal  Romance,  and  will  release  on  August  27th!

Sapphire's Divinity 3x

Here’s  the  Blurb:

I  was  a  hybrid  werewolf  with  a  secret  destiny  shadowed  by  a  prophecy  the  Ancient  Guardians  foretold.  The  same  Ancient  Guardians  that  had  organised  the  annual  Alpha  summit  Riley  had  been  summoned  to.

Since  Jackson’s  demon  threat  everyone  was  powered  up  on  overtime  at  the  gym.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.  Train,  sweat,  repeat.

But  all  that  rage-filled  preparation  wasn’t  enough.  We  were  being  targeted  by  something  new,  and  it  didn’t  stop  there.

The  summit  was  proving  to  be  my  nemesis.  Egotistical  morons  challenged  me  with  threats  to  the  one  I  loved,  and  I  knew  I  couldn’t  endure  a  life  without  Riley.

Besides  all  of  that,  there  was  one  thing  I  was  finally  understanding  about  the  supernatural.  Nothing  was  as   it  seemed.

Not  even  me.

Add  to  Goodreads  here.

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Hopefully  I’ve  tickled  your  taste  buds,  and  if  you’re  new  to  the  series,  well  you’re  in  luck.  Nature’s  Destiny  is  on  SALE  for  .99¢/77p  until  27th  August.  There’s  no  time  to  waste.  Delve  into  a  world  of  family-orientated  werewolves  today!

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7-11 Blog Hop

Seven 11 blog hop


Today  marks  a  very  special  moment  for  the  7-11  blog  hop. It’s  the  first  one,  and  I’m  so  honoured  to  be  a  part  of  it.  Every  month  on  the  11th  I’ll  be  posting  7  lines  from  whichever  novel  I’m  working  on.  How  awesome  is  that?  You  guys  get  a  sneak  peek  preview  every  month! Can  I  get  a  high  five?  #Woohoo  And,  I’m  not  the  only  one  partaking  in  this  blog  hop  so  be  sure  to  check  out  the  list  below  to  see  what  such  extraordinary,  talented  authors  have  to  offer  from  their  WIP’s  too! I  can  guarantee  you  won’t  be  disappointed!

Also,  I  wanted  to  do  a  special  little  shout  out  to  the  wonderful  founder  of  this  brand  new  venture  –  Amanda  Aksel.  Amanda,  a  very  HAPPY  BIRTHDAY  to  you  today,  and  I  hope  you  have  a  brilliant  day!

Now  on  to  the  goodies.  Today’s  7  lines  come  from  Sapphire’s  Divinity,  the  second  novel  in  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series.  Enjoy!

A  pounding  drum  beat  inside  my  head,  and  the  rhythm  increased  pressure  to  my  temple.  I  was  dizzy,  barely  capable  of  holding  my  eyes  open  long  enough  to  get  a  glimpse  as  to  where  I  was.

I  was  in  darkness,  that  much  I  knew  from  the  glance  I  was  able  to  achieve.  I  focused  on  my  breathing,  calming  my  mind  with  every  intake  of  oxygen.

Where  was  I?  What  was  going  on?

I  managed  to  open  my  eyes  entirely,  and  I  almost  wished  I  couldn’t.

Don’t  forget  to  check  out  these  authors,  plus  Amanda’s  holding  a  giveaway  for  her  novel,  The  Man  Test.  So  be  sure  to  click  here  and  enter!

Amanda  Aksel

Heather  Hildenbrand

Steph  Nuss

Bethany  Lopez

Shawn  McGuire

Alicia  Sheehy

Kayla  Smith

SM  Boyce

Heather  Brewer

Nikki  Jefford

Marking Milestones

For  some,  Friday  13th  brings  out  the  superstition.  A  fear  of  black  cats,  of  walking  under  ladders,  or  stepping  over  three  consecutive  drains.  Add  in  a  full  moon  and  the  spidey  senses  really  start  to  tingle.  That  wasn’t  the  case  for  me  yesterday,  in  fact  I  had  the  best  day,  and  here’s  why…

I  finished  the  first  draft  of  the  Nature’s  Destiny  sequel!

#Woohoo  #WerewolvesRule

While  the  sun  shines  gloriously  on  this  beautiful  Saturday,  I’m  dancing  around  like  a  loon,  spreading  plenty  of  happy  vibes  to  everyone  I  see.  I  mean,  hello!  I’ve  just  added  another  amazing  milestone  to  my  journey.  Why  wouldn’t  I  be  excited  and  full  of  infectious  cheer?

So,  now  I  bet  you’re  wondering  what  it’s  called,  and  because  I’m  all  about  sharing  I’m  going  to  tell  you.  Just  let  me  catch  my  breath  while  I  build  up  the  tension…

Ready?  I  thought  so.

The  Nature’s  Destiny  sequel  is  called…


It  was  only  fitting  that  I  finished  my  werewolf  novel  on  a  full  moon,  after  all.  And,  because  I  just  can’t  help  myself,  I’m  going  to  share  a  little  snippet.

I’m  off  to  spend  this  sunny  day  in  the  garden  with  my  kindle,  catching  up  on  some  much-needed  reading  as  a  way  to  celebrate.  Let’s  face  it,  I’d  be  crazy  if  I didn’t  take  the  time  to  acknowledge  this  little  achievement  with  some  sort  of  reward.

Though  I  still  have  rewrites,  and  editing  to  go  through,  I’m  pumped  with  energy  to  get  started  on  them  come  Monday  (if  I   can  last  that  long).  I’m  pretty  bad  at  chilling  out  without  feeling  guilty.  Anyone  else  feel  that  way?

Anyway,  I’ve  digressed.  I  wish  you  all  a  fantastic  weekend,  and  I  hope  you  enjoy  the  snippet  below  from  my  upcoming  novel,  Sapphire’s  Divinity.

*Content  may  change  come  publication*

The  brightness  of  orange  surrounded  me,  and  the  daunting  colour  of  black  billowed  into  the  sky.  I  was  trapped,  sweating  from  the  raging  temperature.  A  small  circle  of  the  dry  ground  was  all  that  stood  between  me  and  the  fire.  It  rose  like  a  wall,  curling  in  the  wind  like  tendrils  of  hair.

The  smoke,  so  strong  and  potent  burned  my  nose,  making  each  breath  harder  than  the  last.  I  was  choking,  desperately  searching  for  oxygen. 

I  had  to  escape,  I  was  needed  somewhere  else.  I  couldn’t  let  the  fire  stand  between  me  and  my  family.  They  were  testing  me,  seeing  what  strength  I  actually  possessed,  but  it didn’t  matter. 

My  physical  abilities  withered,  and  the  heat  was  unbearable.  It  wasn’t  my  powers  they  wanted,  it  was  my  mind.  No  matter  what,  when  my  family  was  in  danger  I  was  going  to  save  them  whatever  the  consequence.

Riley  needed  me.  I  couldn’t  explain  it,  but  the  turmoil  my  body  was  enduring  I  was  sure  was  his,  like  I  had  that  connection  with  him  again.  Nothing  hurt  me  more  than  knowing  Riley  was  in  pain.

I  searched  for  an  opening  in  the  fire,  but  it  was  no  use.  They’d  made  sure  I  couldn’t  leave,  which  only  fuelled  my  hatred.  I  was  past  the  point  of  caring  about  myself.

The  heat  was  exhausting,  and  I  struggled  even  more  with  my  basic  need  to  breathe.  I  mustered  what  little  strength  remained,  and  charged  through  the  fire. 

The  moment  the  flames  penetrated  my  skin  I  screamed  like  a  savage  beast.  My  skin  was  melting,  the  poignant  smell  of  burning  flesh  followed  me  as  I  forced  myself  to  endure  the  pain,  to  continue  forward.

My  face  blistered  uncontrollably,  and  my  willpower  faded.  I  was  losing  the  fight,  and  losing  the  will  to  live.

It’s here! Nature’s Destiny Paperback!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00068]

You guys, let’s take a moment to scream the place down, jump about, throw a party, eat chocolate and crack open a bottle of wine. Oh, yes!

Nature’s Destiny is finally out in paperback and check out the pretty cover above!

When the proof came in the mail, I didn’t sit still for a really long time. My house thoroughly had its foundations shaken, and the speakers, needless to say, got a good workout too. My dancing skills, however, did not improve.

So, who wants to join me in a dance of celebration?

Here’s your chance. In honour of my complete excitement, I’m offering you the chance to win a signed paperback copy from me.  All you have to do is sign in to Goodreads and ‘enter to winhere.

Also, Nature’s Destiny, is listed in the Kindle Matchbook program. So, if you buy the paperback on Amazon, you can get the kindle version at a discounted price of $0.99!

Exciting, right?

And while I remember, if you want to keep up with all my bookish news and be the first to know about everything, then sign up to my newsletter by emailing me at with the words ‘SIGN UP’ in the subject header.

Good Luck!

My Writing Process; Blog Hop

When  a  writing  opportunity  comes  my  way,  I’d  be  foolish  to  turn  it  down.  So,  when  my  twitter  lit  up  with  a  message  from  Roger,  asking  me  to  be  a  part  of  this  tour,  I  agreed  immediately.  After  all,  it’s  pretty  exciting  to  talk  about  writing  in  any  capacity.  But,  before  I  take  over  the  limelight  let’s  talk  about  the  wonderful  Roger.  He’s  a  writer  of  horror  and  the  geekiest  guy  on  the  block.  Seriously,  don’t  ever  confuse  Star  Wars  with  Star  Trek  because  you’ll  end  up  feeling  like  Penny  in  a  room  with  Sheldon,  Leonard,  Howard  and  Raj.  Oh  yeah,  I’m  Super  proud  of  my  Big  Bang  Theory  metaphor  there.  I  also  realise   my  coolness  factor  just  dropped  astronomically.  (If  you  watch  the  show,  you’ll  notice  the  puns.)  You  can  read  his  writing  process  here,  and  I  also  urge  you  to  read  his  short  story  pieces  too.  He comes  with  an  abundance  of  creativity  and  his  #FridayPhrases  captivate  quite  the  audience.

I’m  truly  grateful  to  be  a  part  of  this  hop,  and  I  thank  you,  Roger,  for  thinking  of  me.

Now,  on  to  the  Spanish  Inquisition,  uh,  I  mean,  insightful  questions…

What  am  I  working  on?

Here’s  the  part  where  I  jump  up and  down  with  excitement  to  share  some  new  information  with  you  all.  If  you  follow  me  on  twitter  or  stalk  me  on  facebook  then  you’ll  know  I’ve  started  writing  Nature’s  Destiny  2,  and  while  that  is  still  very  much  a  part  of  me,  I  have  something  brand  new  in  the  works.  Sometimes  an  idea  won’t  quit  no matter  how  much  you  write  down,  and  that’s  exactly  what  happened  with  my  current  WIP.  It’s  a  New  Adult  MC  Romance,  and  for  those  that  don’t  know  what  MC  stands  for,  its  Motorcycle  Club.  That’s  right,  I’m  writing  a  hot,  steamy,  gritty  biker  book  that  focuses  on  two  viewpoints.  Yup,  I’m  dabbling  with  dual  POV’s  this  time,  and  it’s  definitely  intended  for  a  mature  audience  (17/18+).  As  I’m  still  in  the  early  word  count  stages  of  this  novel,  I  don’t  want  to  reveal  too  much.  But,  stay  tuned  for  more  details  in  the  next  month  or  so.  Oh,  and  if  you’re  a  little  curious  and  want   to  get  a  little  taste  as  to  the  ‘feel’  of  the  novel,  you  can  check  out  my  Spotify  playlist  titled  MC, (actual  title  to  be  chosen.)

How  does  my  work  differ  from  others  of  its  genre?

You  know,  when  I  first  read  this  I  was  going  to  answer  by  saying  it’s  because  of  my  style.  Every  writer  has  their  own  imprint,  just  like  the  unique  DNA  cast  in  the  grooves  of  our  fingers.  But,  that’s  when  I  realised  I  had  a  correlation  of  themes  in  the  novels  I’m  writing.  Basically,  it  all  boils  down  to  family.  If  you’ve  read  Nature’s  Destiny,  you’ll  know  what  I’m  talking  about.  It’s  okay,  I  won’t  divulge  any  spoilers  here.  I  guess  you’ll  have  to  read  it  for  yourself  to  find  out.

Why  do  I  write  what  I  do?

It’s  simple  really,  I  just  love  to  write.  With  Nature’s  Destiny,  I  love  to  explore  and  create  the  things  that  don’t  exist.   I  was  recently  asked  a  few  similar  questions,  which  you  can read  here,  and  ultimately  it  returns  to  that  feeling  of   free  reign.  I  have  been  obsessed  with  the  paranormal  since  I sat   down  and  watched  Buffy  the  Vampire  Slayer  with  my  best  bud  when  we  were  in  primary  school.  Angel  became  the  first  vampire  I  fell  in  love  with,  Oz  was  my  first  taste  at  a  werewolf,  and  Buffy,  the  first  strong  female  character  I  truly  admired.  I  was  so  caught  up  in  Joss  Whedon’s  Buffyverse  I  wanted  to  be  her.  The  supernatural  are  fascinating,  to  exist  with  a  power  that  saves  mankind  on  a  daily  basis  without   all  the  glory?  Firstly,  sign  me  up,  and  secondly,  let  me  capture  that  in  my  writing.  As  the  years  have  gone  by,  the  paranormal  community  has  kept  my  addiction  going  from  episodes  of  True  Blood,  to  films  such  as  Underworld.  And  on  another  note,  I’m  pretty  sure  I  have  a  ghost  in  my  house,  but  we’ll  get  to  those  stories  another  day.

What  I’m  currently  working  on  isn’t  paranormal,  but  it’s  still  romance.  And  that’s  the  main  genre  of  my  novels.  Not  everything  in  life  is  fair  or  easy,  and  sometimes  the  bad  things  win  too  many  times,  but  writing  what  I  do,  I  want  to  create  an  escape  for  someone  else.  I  want  to  be  able  to  provide  some  happiness  for  someone  that  needs  a  break  from  the  real  drama.  And,  if  I  can  do  that  for  them  by  providing  a  Happily  Ever  After,  then  my  goal  as  a  writer  has  been  met.

How  does  your  writing  process  work?

My  process  is  simple.  I  write  the  entire  first  draft,  then  I  rewrite,  and  finish  by  editing.  There’s  a  lot  of  stuff  that  happens  after  that  like  beta  readers,  but  those  three  steps  are what  I  do  alone  first.  I  have  a  big  whiteboard  on  my  wall,  seriously  it’s  like  the  size  they  use  in  schools,  and  I  use  it  to  plot.  Then  I  dab  post-it  notes,  pictures,  lyrics,  anything  that  inspires  the  storyline  around  it  too.  Honestly,  when  I  wrote  Nature’s  Destiny,  the  entire  wall  looked  like  it  had  been  redecorated  with  all  the  pieces  of  paper  I’d  blu-tacked  to  it.  The  whole  idea,  isn’t  that  I’ve  gone  absolutely  insane,  but  it’s  the  fact  I see  it  when  I  go  to  bed,  and  it’s  the  first  thing  I  see  when  I  wake.  It  becomes  embedded  so  deeply  in  my  subconscious,  that  when  I’m  not  actively  thinking  of  it  my  mind  will  throw  an  idea  that  could  help  me  solve  whatever  writing  struggle  I’m  having.  I  stick  to  writing  goals;  2000  words  a  day,  and  if  I  don’t  succeed  that  day  I’ll  add  it  on  to  the  next.  Why  do  I  put  that  pressure  on  myself?  Discipline.  If  I  didn’t,  I’d  never  get  anything  done.  And  with  every  milestone  I  achieve, I  do   a  little  celebratory  dance,  like,  YAY  I  finished  the  first  draft,  YAY  I  finished  rewrites  etc.  Every  step  is  worth  a  pat  on  the  back  because  it’s  another  step  closer  to  publishing.  Don’t  play  it   down,  it’s  a  great  feat  to  have  conquered.

So,  with  my  writing  process  mumblings  out  of  the  way,  I  guess  you’re  wondering  who’s  up  next.  And,  boy,  have  I  got  a  line-up  for  you,  which  I’m  so  grateful  they  accepted!  I  can’t  wait  to  read  what  they  have  to  say…

Heather  Hildenbrand


Heather  is  an  acclaimed  indie  author  of  over  10  YA  &  NA  titles  including  her  bestselling  Dirty  Blood  series  which  can  be  found  at  her  blog.  She’s  also  the  founder  of  Phoenix:  Author  Ink  where  she  coaches  authors  from  plotting  to  publishing,  and  most  recently  co-founder  of  Elephantine  Publishing.

Loubelle  Bree


Loubelle’s  blog  holds  written  pieces  inspired  by  her  life.  From  a  series  she  dedicates  as  letters  to  her  dad,  to  the  struggles  and  joys  she  finds  during  the  creation  of  her  WIP.  Oh,  and  a  love  for  avacado’s  too.

Erica  Alex


Besides  the  many  names  Alex likes  to  pen,  her  blog  is  filled  with  writerly  musings,  and  a  regular  story-telling  posted   as  Finally  Friday.  She  also  holds  updates  on  her  current  WIP  titled,  The  Final  Chapter  of  Rain,  which  in  turn  is  the  first  instalment  of  the  Zodiac  series.

That’s  it  from  me  for   now.  Thanks  again,  Roger.

Have  a  great  week  all!