Formatting for Fools

I  slammed  my  fists  down  on  the  bed  and  shoved  the  laptop  aside.  I’d  had  enough.  One  problem  fixed,  another  showed  up.  I  couldn’t  win,  and  I  had  no  idea  what  it  was  I  was  doing,  or  how  to  rectify  a  problem  without  causing  another.  Again.

I  wasn’t  a  technology  genius.  I  got  by  with  the  limited  information  I  had,  and  that  was  usually  enough.

Not  today,  not  yesterday.

Yet,  in  my  frustration  at  my  laughable  attempts  at  formatting,  I  couldn’t  help  but  think  of  the  many  that  had  already  gone  through  the  same  issues  as  me  but  had  still  managed  to  upload  and  convert  a  decent  document.

What  was  wrong  with  me?

I  researched,  watched  videos,  read  guides,  and  even  that  wasn’t  enough.  I  still  had  issues.

I  wasn’t  the  type  to  be  beat,  and  often  in  my  stubborn,  control-freak  ways   I  always  came  out  on  top.  I  always  found  a  way,  the  whole  ‘if  you  don’t  succeed  try  again’  mantra  would  always  play  in  my  mind.

I  always  craved  for  knowledge,  to  be  better  at  something  new.  I  wished  I  understood  the  technical  jargon,  and  the  ninja  skills  required  to  handle  a  ‘simple’  ebook  conversion.

My  flicker  of  hope  dwindled.

I  was  desperate.

What  was  I  supposed  to  do  now?

4 thoughts on “Formatting for Fools

  1. Eek! It’s frustrating, you finish all the hard (but fun) business of creativity and then the technology proves problematic. I wish you luck with this. Do you mind if I retweet your Princess Leia-like call for assistance? I’m sure Twitter is bursting at the seams with techie-types who would be happy to help 🙂


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