Cover Reveal!!

I’ve  been  sitting   on  this  cover  for  a  good  few  weeks  now,  and  I’m  SO  excited  that  I  FINALLY  get  to  share  it  with  you!  I  want  to  thank  the  amazing  bloggers  that  have  taken  part  in  today’s  reveal,  they  literally  rock  my  world  with  their  awesomeness!

Less  chit-chat  from  me,  and   time  to  reveal! I  hope  you  like  it!


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Cover  Designer:  Melody  Simmons
Cover  Model:  Janna  Prosvirina

AND,  the  best  part?  I  have  a  RELEASE  DATE!

Do  you  want  to  know  when?

MARCH  14th,  2014


My  life  was  changing,  morphing  into  something  greater  than  I  could  have  anticipated.  I  was becoming  something  I  didn’t  recognise  as  myself  anymore.  A  Werewolf.
I  was  different.
‘Hybrid’  was  what  they  called  me,  and  the  weight  that  rested  against  that  one  word  was crippling.  They  depended  on  me  to  bring  them  safety.  What  made  me  so  special?
Oh,  that’s  right.  My  destiny.
I  was  sucked  into  a  world  I’d  had  no  idea  existed.  Twenty-one  years  as  a  human,  and  this was  what  I  found  out.
My  travelling  plans,  my  writing  degree,  all  of  it  was  gone  within  one  night.  One  evil  night that  robbed  my  humanity.
I  wasn’t  completely  sour.  Life  had  been  unfair  a  while  ago,  only  now  I’d  had  something worth  fighting  for  besides  myself.  Something  to  live  for.
I  was  afraid  for  the  others.  I  couldn’t  let  them  down.  I  wouldn’t  let  them  down.
I’d  gone  to  bed  a  human  and  woken  up  a  Werewolf.
A  special  Werewolf.
A  Hybrid.

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8 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!!

  1. Oh my God! I love it! I was thinking, “I haven’t spoken to Justine in a while. Let me check out her site.” And then I see this! I’m looking forward to the release. Hope you’re well!


      • You’re very welcome. Gah, prep is an ongoing thing. I need to make a blog post about it, but the TOC has changed, I’m adding chapters, and working with my people to make it perfect. Hoping to publish by no later than April. How excited are you, though? When are you releasing the book?


      • Isn’t that always the way? I can’t count how many times I thought I was finished, to then realise I actually wasn’t. Still don’t know if I’m totally satisfied, but it’s time to let it go! Oh, that’s great! I can’t wait for your release. Gosh, I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am. I think I’m worse than a kid at Christmas! March 14th is my release date 😀


      • March! I can’t wait! And goodness, yes. I feel like I’m never gonna be finished with TFC and will always think it needs perfecting. I have a freak out about it at least once a week lol. This is a good week though. I’ll have finished two nee chapters by tonight, which is a record for my slow ass.


      • Oh, that’s great! High fives for a good week! It’s such a rollercoaster isn’t it? I’ve been up and down with thoughts! I’ve been quite slow on the progress of ND2, I’ve been too distracted with organising everything else. No excuses soon though.


      • Thanks! You’ll get it, don’t worry. I was in the same boat and still am, having started the sequel to TFC right after I finished the last chapter. Read some good books in the meantime. Are we friends on goodreads? Not sure if we went over this before.


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