Milestone Marker

Holy  Freakin’  Moly.

Whatever  you’re  doing  right  now,  stop.  Like,  seriously.  Stop.  I  have  another  exciting  milestone  to  mark.

Guess  what  I’ve  literally  done?  Any  takers? . . .


That’s right  lovers,  I’ve  finished  the  first  draft  of  Guardians  Dynasty!  You  guys  know  the  score,  still  got  a  way  to  go  yet  until  it’s  published,  but  I  wanted  to  share  this  victory  with  you  all  since  I’m  riding  a  pretty  epic  high  right  now.  This  is  me  in  my  pj’s,  you  know,  because  I’m  a  stereotypical  writer . . .


Oh,  and  while  I  remember. . .  Yeah,  it’s  easy  to  forget  what  I  was  meant  to  write  about  when  my  brain  is  shooting  stars  of  awesome  distraction  across  my  mind  right  now.  Guardians  Dynasty  has  a  theme  song,  and  I  literally  only  heard  it  the  other  day,  which  was  quite  lucky,  considering  the  lyrics  were  perfect  for  the  scenes  I  had  yet  to  write.  Anyway,  it’s  a  Nickelback  song  from  their  new  No  Fixed  Address  album , titled  The Hammer’s  Coming  Down.  So,  if  you  want  an  idea  of  what  to  expect  in  the  third  installment  of  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series,  then  listen  to  this.

I  hope  everyone  else’s  week  has  started  off  as  good  as  mine!

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