Alpha Wanted:Part 3

The conclusion to Alpha Wanted is out!

Grab your copy of part 3 today

As the title suggests the end to Alpha Wanted releases today. And what better way to celebrate this milestone than by offering part 1 for FREE for a few days only. That’s right, one-click this freebie today to get you started on Kira and Ryker’s kick-ass tale here.

Below is the cover for this final installment along with the blurb. Again, if you haven’t read parts 1 & 2 then you may want to skip reading the blurb. Spoilers are always the enemy of a good read. Here’s the buy link for part 3 for all you trigger-happy one-clickers. 😉

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Happy reading!

Alpha Wanted 3 OTHER SITES

With  the  unfolding  of  evidence,  Kira  and  Ryker  reach  dangerous  limits,  forcing  the  killer  to  take  drastic  actions.

Now  that  Kira’s  taken,  Ryker  and  his  team  work  swiftly,  tracking  scents,  and  snapping  necks.  But  what  Kira  finds  out  leads  to  a  bigger  betrayal  than  she’d  originally  thought.

Can  Ryker  and  Kira  solve  the  case  and  progress  their  relationship  to  the  next  level  or  will  the  killer’s  plans  prove  it’s  the  perfect  murder?

**WARNING! This is part 3 of a 3-part serial. Due to mature content readers are advised to be 17/18+**

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