Sniper Wanted:1 is OUT today!

It feels like it has been an eternity since I did a book release. But, today’s the day that all changes. Book 1 of the Sniper Wanted serial is out now, and this is a continuation in the WANTED series I started a few years back with Alpha Wanted. This is a standalone that can be read separate to Alpha Wanted, but if you like the characters and want more, feel free to check out where it all began, especially when book 1 in that series is free. You can find it at amazon, iBooks, Kobo, B&N and Smashwords.



The Paranormal Division of the Secret Intelligence Service (P.D.S.I.S.) are alerted to troubling news. London’s become a target for supernatural warfare. Humans are collateral damage.


SuperNom are calling for followers. Propaganda videos claim the government’s agency is a dictatorship, not a service dedicated to protecting the supernatural. They’re terminating P.D.S.I.S. and all its believers. Now they’re advertising for a sniper.


Director Storm puts Hunter on the case, an elite werewolf soldier who specialises in snipers. Infiltrating the group won’t come easy. He’ll be tested, forced to compete against other candidates until one shifter remains.


Chopper’s a fighter at the forefront of SuperNom’s affairs. Her loyalty to the cause is unquestionable, even when a new candidate catches her eye. But her once simple role has now become complicated, even if she won’t admit it to herself.



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There’s still time to enter this great giveaway of a $25 Amazon GC and specially commissioned artwork dedicated to this series. Join in on this treasure hunt-like game, record all your answers on the google form and send it back to me. Open international. Winner chosen on 3rd Oct! Here’s the google link form for answers:



One Year Anniversary


I  feel  like  such  a  doofus  because  today  marks  my  one  year  anniversary,  and  I  didn’t  even  realise!  I’ve  missed  my  chance  for  a  party,  a  giveaway,  cake . . .  everything  that  spells  out  celebration!

How  did  this  happen?

Oh,  yeah.  I’ve  been  busy  gearing  up  for  the  release  of  Sapphire’s  Divinity  on  Wednesday!

I  feel  like  such  a  plonker.  I’m  shaking  my  head  in  disgust  as  I  write  this.  Ugh,  I  can’t  believe  I’ve  missed  my  own  blog’s  birthday.  I  mean,  seriously.  Who  does  that?

Have  no  fear,  we  will  celebrate  in  style  this  week.  You’ll  see.

For  now,  I’d  just  like  to  highlight  how  thankful  I  am  for  all  my  followers,  for  all  the  likes  and  comments  I’ve  received  over  the  past  year.  I’ve  loved  every  moment  of  blogging,  and  I  can’t  wait  to  see  what  comes  in  the  next  year.  I  feel  giddy  at  the  prospects.

Anyway,  I’m  headed  back  to  the  writing  cave  where  I’ve  been  developing  Nature’s  Destiny  3  all  day.  Who  needs  a  bedtime,  right?  Stay  tuned  for  Wednesday!