Inspiration; It’s not all that.

From several observations, I know how much we wish, hope and strive to find inspiration to help us in our writing. How often do you stare at a blank page or screen begging for something to jump out at you and reignite your passion for words? When we’re stuck, we search the web. Check out pinterest. Listen to music. Explore the local coffee shop as though we’re expecting to step into a new dimension where the writing bug is abundant. We’re desperate for anything that can help give us a fresh perspective, a renewed vigor for our love child.

It’s so strange that autumn is so beautiful; yet everything is dying.
William Shakespeare

However, relying on inspiration to write, and using its absence as an excuse not to, has only one end goal.


If you rely on that often-hidden muse, you’ll have no productivity and that novel you’ve been desperate to write will remain as an unfinished document gathering dust. Despite the stigma that this is a hobby, if you’re truly serious about your career, then writing is a business. You have to treat it like one. And that means arranging a schedule like every other businessperson. Doesn’t matter that you’re working from home, or paying yourself. If you want to be a success, you have to be disciplined. If you decide you don’t want to write today, then you won’t get paid. It’s simple maths. 1 – 1 = 0. Can you afford to live like this?

Why let something as fallible as inspiration rule over whether you make a career of this or not? It’s cliched and boring to hear that the more you write the better, and easier, it becomes, but it’s true. The same with any muscle in the body, if you work at it, you’re going to become stronger. Finding motivation in art, music, nature, books, online etc. is great, but don’t give it so much credence that without it you’re crippled. It’s a bonus, not a necessity.

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.
Louis L’Amour

Why do you write?

Oftentimes, the conscious act of writing is personal. Our minds can become heavily trafficked by every day problems and life:

* Something you did didn’t go to plan and you start fretting.
* Someone else’s stress starts affecting you.
* Marital issues become unbearable.
* Lack of money and an increase in bills have you panicking.
* Your boss dumps a huge pile of work on your desk at 3pm on a Friday, expecting it to be done by Monday, yet you have plans to take the kids away to a theme park.

Daily struggles have a way of consuming our thoughts with loud chatter, and as humans we often need an outlet, a medium to voice the craziness in order to clear the clutter. For many, the choice is to sit with a cuppa and vent, let it out to those closest to you. For others, they choose to write it down. Whether somebody else sees it is irrelevant, the aim is to empty the mind.

This is why writing is often personal; it’s a kind of therapy. 
You bare all your darkest secrets, desires and fears on the page because you know it won’t judge you. There’s no reply. No criticism. It’s your sanctuary to explore your current journey.

Sometimes, you write to understand what you’re thinking. It’s a logical thought process that enables to get you from A to B in order to find the solution.

“The written word, in all its forms, holds tremendous power.”
Hrvoje Butkovic

However, I write to quieten the madness inside me, to give structure and purpose to my every day musings. It’s there I’m most objective; I see what’s going on around me as if through a filter lens.

“I write to give myself strength.
I write to be the characters that I am not.
I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.”

Joss Whedon

I write to mould words into life, to give credence to what I observe. It isn’t easy to write coherently, to have readers sympathise with your characters, but the joy of fitting sentences together like the pieces of a jigsaw is undeniably satisfactory. Yes, it’s a long, lonely road filled with a constant battle between doubt and glee, but the gratification of a completed project makes it worthwhile. Your efforts will be rewarded eventually.

“The true alchemists do not change lead into gold;
they change the world into words.”
William H. Gass

I made a deliberate decision to write publicly:

* To open myself up to new opinions and thoughts in order to grow.
* To view the Universe through another’s eyes.
* To learn.

I will never know enough about this craft to honestly profess I need not study anymore. Writing evolves every day, making it more exciting and challenging, forcing me to work harder.

I might never reach the status of Writing Queen. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. When passion, determination and ambition collide, magic happens. Don’t let fear get in the way of your dreams; you deserve what you’re willing to work for.

“You can make anything by writing.”
C. S. Lewis

Struggling with being a writer in the age of social media? Check this article out. You’re not alone.

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British Beach Inspiration


Crashing  waves.

That’s  all  I  could  hear,  all  I  cared  about  hearing  anyway.  It  didn’t  matter  about  the  happy  cries  of  children  close  by,  or the  engines  of  motorbikes  roaring  so  crazily.  What  mattered  was  that  it  was  peaceful  amid  chaos.  It  was  a  juxtaposition  and  an  oxymoron  of  its  own  volition.

Seagulls  squawked,  swooning  by  and  diving  beak-first  into  cartons  of  chips  held  in  the  hands  of   onlookers.  Their  dinner strewn  across  the  ground;  a  free  for  all.


Harmony,  as  nature  continued  its  marvellous  wonders.  Water  receded  up  and  down  the  sand,  leaving  its  beautiful  rippling pattern  in  the  gritty,  yellow  shore.

The  waves  curled  in  the  surf,  white  outlining  the  enticing  blue  water  as  it  trampled  forward.  Empty,  save  for  the  daring birds  sweeping  in.

Rocks,  weathered  by  nature,  created  the  most  natural  water  fountain  feature  as  the  sea  crashed  high,  splashing  the  surface  beneath  like droplets  of  rain.

The  sky  was  crystal  blue,  clear  of  any  clouds,  and  the  horizon  in  the  distance  met  the  sea  in  a  blurry  haze.  The  sun, warm  like  Summer,  beamed  upon  the  beach,  illuminating  its  heavenly  presence.

Happiness;  there  was  no  denying  a  smile  on  a  day  like  today.  Happy  weather,  happy  people,  happy  writing.

What  more  could  you  ask  for?

Music Inspires

I  scrolled  through  the  music  on  my  iPod,  searching  for  the  perfect  song   to  match  my  mood.  I  selected  the  tune  I  knew  would  work  best,  and  placed  the  buds  into  my  ears.

Block  chords  on  a  piano  began  to  play  before  the  bass  of  the  drum  increased  the  tempo.  A  tap  on  the  snare   produced  the  rhythm,  and  a  heart-pounding  fill  introduced  the  chorus.

The  music  streaming  into  my  system  spurred  my  imagination  into  creating  scenes  relative  to  my  story  line.  The  lyrics  held  meaning  to  my  characters’  emotions  and  struggles.  I  drew  on  that  energy,  and  visioned  the  life  they  were  destined  to  live.

Music  inspired  my  mind  into  creating  something  of  value,  and  I  realised  my  characters  were  more  than  a  puppet  in  my   novel.  They  were  as  real  as  I’d  let  them  be,  and  their  story  was  yelling  at  me  via  musical  stylings.

Music  influenced  my  writing,  as  it  did  my  life.  It  was  ingrained  on  my  body  as  a  reminder  to  create  my  own  melody  on  the  journey  I  took  every  day.

My  personal  composition  became  my  motivation.

Nature’s  Destiny  theme  song.  Fire  and  Fury  by  Skillet.  Enjoy  and  have  a  great  week!


Nature’s Inspiration

photo (63)



I  sat  atop  a  cliff,  gazing  at  the  beautiful  beach  before  me.  It  was  Mother  Nature’s   gift  to  mankind.  The  warm  breeze  danced  across  my  face,  as  it  enshrouded  my  body.  Taking   a  deep  breath,  the  scent  of  fresh,  sea,  air  assaulted  my  nose.  I  was  in  heaven.

The  calming,  aqua  sea  glistened  in  the  sunlight  as  the  rays  reflected  off  the  surface.  I  smiled  as  contentment  washed  over  me.  This  was  my  happy  place.

I  longed  to  take  out  my  notepad,  the  heady  concoction  of  nature  beckoning  the  writing  beast  within.   As  I  walked  along  the  cliff  top,  ideas  flooded  my  mind,  the  scenic  location  expanding  my  creativity.

*  *  *  *  *

I’d  hate  to  think  how  dull  my  writing  would  be,  had  I  not  experience  some  form  of  inspiration.  As  a  writer,  it’s  what  motivates  me  to  continue.  Seeing  this  exquisitely  radiant  beach  filled  me  with  an  overwhelming  sense  of  joy.  What  I’m  trying  to  say  is,  inspiration  is  all  around  us.  It  doesn’t  have  to  be  something  remarkably  unique,  you  just  have  to  look  at  it  in  a  new   light.

 So  grab  your  pen  and  paper,  dust  off  those  walking  shoes  you’ve  shamelessly  hidden  in  the  wardrobe,  and  take  a  stroll.  You  don’t  have  to  go  far,  but  I  guarantee  you’ll  find  something  worthwhile.