Inspiration; It’s not all that.

From several observations, I know how much we wish, hope and strive to find inspiration to help us in our writing. How often do you stare at a blank page or screen begging for something to jump out at you and reignite your passion for words? When we’re stuck, we search the web. Check out pinterest. Listen to music. Explore the local coffee shop as though we’re expecting to step into a new dimension where the writing bug is abundant. We’re desperate for anything that can help give us a fresh perspective, a renewed vigor for our love child.

It’s so strange that autumn is so beautiful; yet everything is dying.
William Shakespeare

However, relying on inspiration to write, and using its absence as an excuse not to, has only one end goal.


If you rely on that often-hidden muse, you’ll have no productivity and that novel you’ve been desperate to write will remain as an unfinished document gathering dust. Despite the stigma that this is a hobby, if you’re truly serious about your career, then writing is a business. You have to treat it like one. And that means arranging a schedule like every other businessperson. Doesn’t matter that you’re working from home, or paying yourself. If you want to be a success, you have to be disciplined. If you decide you don’t want to write today, then you won’t get paid. It’s simple maths. 1 – 1 = 0. Can you afford to live like this?

Why let something as fallible as inspiration rule over whether you make a career of this or not? It’s cliched and boring to hear that the more you write the better, and easier, it becomes, but it’s true. The same with any muscle in the body, if you work at it, you’re going to become stronger. Finding motivation in art, music, nature, books, online etc. is great, but don’t give it so much credence that without it you’re crippled. It’s a bonus, not a necessity.

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.
Louis L’Amour

Putting Action Into Dreams

Set  your  goals  high,  and  don’t  stop  until  you  get  there.
                                                                                        –  Bo  Jackson

Do  you  lie  in  bed  at  night,  staring  at  the  ceiling  while  you  imagine  the  life  you  desperately  want?  There’s  no  shame  in  admitting  you  do,  because  I  always  do.  Let’s  face  it,  I  bet  you’ve  thought  about  winning  the  lottery  more  than  once.  And  that’s  okay, because  dreams  are  healthy.

But,  I  want  to  talk  about  going  another  step  further  than  dreams;  Goals.  Recently,  I  realised  just  how  many  goals  I  actually  have,  and  without  tangible  proof  they  were  just  a  flying  fancy  fluttering  through  my  thoughts.  What  did  I  do?



I  created  a  Goals  jar,  and  then  filled  it  up  with  everything  I  want  to  achieve.



Because  I  have  every  intention  of  achieving  every  single  one  no  matter  how  long  it  takes  to  get  there.  Without  something  to  look  forward  to,  to  strive  towards,  I  float  around  wandering  aimlessly.  I  need  direction,  I  thrive  when  I’m  busy  working  towards  my  newest  idea.  It  gives  me  purpose,  a  reason  to  go  on.  However,  I’m  not  saying  it’s  easy.  But  even  with  the  knock  backs,  negativity,  criticism,  and  judgement,  I  still  have  the  goal  that  keeps  me  on  track.  I  still  believe  that  I’m  capable  of  achieving  it  because  I  want  it.  It’s  important  to  me.

Don’t  get  me  wrong,  I  have  massive  aspirations;  buy  an  Aston  Martin  DBS,  pen  a   successful  television  series…  But  I’m  willing  to  put  in  the  time  and  effort  it  takes  to  get  there  because  nobody  else  is  going  to  do  it  for  me.



I’ve  seen  my  dream,  I’ve  created  a  goal,  and  now  it’s  time  for  me  to  achieve  it.

I  hope  you  chase  yours  too.

Reflect And Renew Resolutions

2013  was  the  year  I  vowed  was  for  me,  not  because  I  depended  upon  luck,  but  because  I  promised  myself  to  make  things  better. I  was  stuck  in  the  shadows  of  my  past  as  they  tore  away  at  me  day  by  day.  I  was  becoming  hollow,  a  mere  figment  of  the  person  I  once  was.

I  wasn’t  the  type  to  create  resolutions  year  upon  year  that  I  already  knew  I  wouldn’t  keep.  Determination  couldn’t  succeed  if  belief  and  willpower  wasn’t  behind  it.  Why  set  yourself  up  for  a  fall?

I  didn’t.  I  succeeded because  I  believed  in  myself  to  not  give  up,  not  this  time.  Being  ambitious  and  determined  didn’t  make  me  naive,  it  made  me  dangerous.

A  person  with  a  dream  and  a  goal  was  far  more  likely  to  succeed  than  somebody  who  didn’t.

Who  was  the  fool  now?

Like  a  Phoenix  I  rose  from  the  ashes  of  my  buried  past,  and  made  the  year  better.

I  hadn’t  set  out   to  write  my  debut  novel  this  year,  but  like  a  sequence  of  events  everything  clicked  together.  The  pattern  that  formed  soon  after  was  what  led  me  here.  The  secret?

Reading.  Never  underestimate  the  power  of  a  good  book.  It  led  me  to  write  mine, to  create  this  blog,  and  most  importantly  to  connect  with  others  in  the  wonderful  writing  community.

While  they  may  not  be  resolutions,  I  do  have  a  plan  for  the  writing  year  ahead:

  • January  1st  will  be  the  day  I  begin  writing  the  sequel  to  my  novel  Nature’s  Destiny.  I’m  super  excited  about  extending  the  journey  that  begins  in  my  debut,  and  I  cannot  wait  to  expand  on  the  ideas  I’ve  had  rolling  around  my  mind  for  the  past  few months.
  • Nature’s  Destiny  will  be  published.  I’m  nearing  the  end  of  my  editing  process,  and  will  soon  be  depending  on my  beta  readers. 

While  I  cannot  promise  to  know  exactly  what  will  happen  in  the  long-term  future,  I  do  know  that  I’ll  make  the  most  of  it.  Why?  Because  being  optimistic  has  given  me  the  better  outlook  on  life.  The  time  I  wasted  trapped  in  the  past  changed  my  perception.  The  clock  continues  to  tick  whether  I  want  it  to  or  not,  only  now  there  isn’t  a  minute  I  want  to  waste.

Writing  has  become  the  essence  of  my  being,  and  I’ll  make  sure  it  has  a  place  in  my  future.

2013  was  my  year.  Will  2014  be  yours?