Brain Wanted; Words Needed

How  do  you  operate  when  you’ve  left  your  brain  behind?
Behind  where?  Good  question.

That  is  today’s  conundrum  because  somehow  I’ve  managed  to  completely  overlook  that  a  year  ago  to  the  day  I  released  Sapphire’s  Divinity.  I’ve  forgotten  another  important  anniversary  in  my  book-filled  world.  So  it’s  obvious  that  I  have  no  functioning  brain  to  speak  of,  and  therefore  no  fun  and  giveaways  planned.  Boo.

But  I  do  have  something  to  offer  as  a  compromise.  A  teaser  from  book  4  of  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series.  This  is  probably  the  earliest  in  my  process  I’ve  ever  released  a  teaser –  I’m  literally  only  in  the  beginning  of  writing  this  beauty,  but  still  aiming  to  release  by  the  end  of  the  year.  Hang  tight,  my  werewolf-loving  friends.

Without  further  ado,  I  give  you  the  teaser  and  title  below.


*First draft. Content subject to change come publication. Unedited. Copyright, Justine Winter.*

The  beast  taunted  me,  stalked  me  like  I  was  its  prey.  Its  coal-like  skin,  straight  from  the  mouth  of  hell,  sizzled  brightly  with  streaks  of  orange.  The  lava  of  its  home.  I  never  stood  a  chance  in  this  war,  I  was  one  wolf  against  an  army  of  demons;  they  kept  me  distracted  long  enough  to  ensure  there  was  nothing  I  could  do  to  jeopardise  their  hostile  takeover.  I  soon  learned  that  distraction  was  their  greatest  tactic,  their  only  worthwhile  weapon.  But  still,  there  were  little  acts  of  heroism  I  could  partake  in;  chained  and  bound  in  a  cage  granted  me  seldom  freedom.  I  was  the  hell  beasts’  toy,  to  scratch,  to  bite,  to  chase  when  dull  moments  had  them  bored.  Compared  to  my  torment,  I  was  sure  death  would  be  a  gift  as  inviting  as  a  freshly  picked  bouquet  of  flowers.  I  no  longer  wanted  to  endure  such  heinous,  criminal,  apocalyptic  affairs. 

I  wished  for  death,  and  the  devil  laughed  in  my  face.

Warrior’s  Duty
Coming  Winter  2015

Winter’s Hibernation

Jesus  Justine!  Where’ve  you  been?

I  know  that’s  the  thought  pursed  on  your  lips.  It’s  been  a  while  since  I’ve  properly  blogged,  and  I  apologise  for  that,  but  I  promise  I’ve  been  busy.  Well,  mostly  busy.  The  rest  of  the  time  I  may  have  spent  it  watching  this. . .

2e3a908d0bdb9d9e380c13bfac23d152And  drinking  a  little  of  this. . .

jack-danielsAnd  watching  a  little  more. . .

805cfac2ae611d578fe041bdf9a71fbfAnd  I  may  or  may  not  be  watching  it  as  I  write  this  post,  and  drinking  too.  Hey,  what  can  I  say?  I’m  consistent.  Besides  all  of  that,  I  truly  have  been  hard  at  work,  busting  out  the  words  I  know  you’re  dying  to  read.  So,  how  about  a  little  exciting  update?

Guardians  Dynasty,  Nature’s  Destiny  3,  releases  in  TWO  WEEKS.  Two  weeks  today!  And  judging  by  the  messages  I’ve  been  receiving  you’re  all  dying  to  know  what’s  going  to  happen  between  Luna  and  Riley.  Fear  not,  the  wait  is  almost  over.  So,  how  about  a  little  teaser?

“Luna,  it’s  Jaiyana.”

Taken  by  surprise,  I  smiled  into  the  phone.  It  was  good  to   hear    from  her.  “Hey!  How  are  you?” 

“Busy,  as  always.  Things  aren’t  looking  good  in  the   supernatural  world.”

I  sighed.  “I  know.  Did  you  hear  what  happened?”  Entering  the  living  room  I  settled  on  one  of  the  sofas,  pressing  the  phone  to  my  ear.

“Actually,  it’s  why  I’m  calling.  My  brother,  sister  and  I  apologise  for  not  being  able  to  celebrate  with  you,  unfortunately  our  calling  prohibited  time  for  fun.  Your  world  is  becoming  decidedly  dark,  Luna,  and   there  are  many   forces  battling  for  freedom.”

My  breath  hitched.  I’d  known  this  was  coming,  the  demon  had  all  but  promised  it,  but  hearing  the  words  from  Jaiyana  was  a  confirmation  I  didn’t  want. 

The  war  was  building  around  us.

Guardian's Dynasty 1 b

Ooh,  isn’t  that  exciting?!  I  can’t  wait  to  find  out  what  you  guys  think  of  the  journey  in  this  book.  Aside  from  the  wolves  in  Nature’s  Destiny,  I’ve  also  been  dedicating  my  time  to  the  wolves  in  Alpha  Wanted,  a  3-part  serial  I  intend  to  release  sometime  in  Spring.  So  fear  not,  darlings!  I  may  be  quiet  on  here,  but  I’m  working  furiously  in  the  background  to  get  you  what  you  want  most:  a  sizzling  Alpha  with  a  story  to  tell.

Have  a  great  week!




Nature’s Destiny Paperback Giveaway

It’s giveaway time!

What better way to celebrate my birthday, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas than with a giveaway? Or, you know, any other reason you can think of…

I’m a sucker for this time of year; I absolutely love it. The colder, darker, longer nights, the necessary need for hot chocolate, and everything relates to Christmas. The food, films, music, family time, and the inspiration that always comes to mind – watch out for a project I’m working on coming this time next year. Until the end of December 2014, I’m hosting a giveaway via Goodreads for a SIGNED paperback of Nature’s Destiny, the first book in my Werewolf series. Enter here

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Nature’s Destiny Teaser

There wasn’t a need for talk as I watched the sky. It was a dark, navy colour and it shone with the many stars that twinkled above me. Captivating from the get-go, I settled to enjoy the peace and quiet. Who knew what I’d be facing in the future?
   Riley’s even breathing held a steady rhythm that lulled and hypnotized me. It was completely tranquil. I decided to rest my eyes for a few minutes, and tightened my hold on his shirt.
   I drifted off into a dreamless sleep, and stirred a few minutes later.
   “Getting sleepy, sweetheart?” he asked.
   I nodded, and attempted to get up.
   “Where are you going?”
   “We should probably go back, right?” I asked.
   “No, we can stay here if you want. Inside or outside, it’s up to you,” he said, as he motioned for me to settle down in his arms again. I did without complaining. I liked it here.
   “Won’t we get cold?”  I asked. As warm as I was, I was unsure if the drop in temperature was going to affect us.
   “Shhh. Stop worrying, there’s a blanket inside if we need it. Close your eyes my beautiful Luna, I will take care of you.”
   I did as I was told, sneaking one last look at the stars. My destiny written all over them.
   “Do you think the prophecy, my destiny, is exactly what you were told?”
   “Destiny is what we make through the choices life gives us. The future isn’t promised, which is why we make each day count. Live for you, not because of what’s expected of you. We don’t judge, we protect. That’s family, and that’s pack. And I will always be here for you, Luna. We’ll get through this together.” He kissed the top of my head and tightened his arms around me.
   My choices had been taken away from me the day I was turned. Since then I’d followed orders. I wasn’t me anymore, I was the person I was always supposed to become. Special.
   It didn’t matter what everyone thought. I was going to protect my pack, especially Riley. Nothing was going to stop me from giving him the happiness he deserved. Even if that meant war.

Seven 11 Blog Hop

Seven 11 blog hop


Every  year  this  day  comes  around  too  fast.  I’ll  switch  on  the  tv  to  find  documentary  upon  documentary  re-living  the  tragic  events  of  13  years  ago,  and  once  again  I’ll  realise  we’re  nearing  another  anniversary.  I  was  only  10  at  the  time,  and  yet  I  still  remember  that  day  even  though  I  had  absolutely  no  idea  what  was  going  on.  While  I’m  busy  writing  today,  creating  fake  tragedies  that  supernatural  creatures  can  stop,  I’ll  be  taking  a  moment’s  silence  to  remember  the  many  that  lost  their  lives,  including  the  brave  men  and  women  that  sacrificed  theirs  to  save  another.  I  only  wish  there’d  been  a  Riley  and  Luna  to  save  them.

 So,  speaking  of  Riley  and  Luna,  I  bet  you’re  wondering  what  I’m  going  to  share  with  you  for  this  months  blog  hop.  With  Nature’s  Destiny  published,  and  Sapphire’s  Divinity  published  too,  I  figured  I’d  give  you  something  hot  off  the  press.  I’m  going  to  share  the  very  first  snippet  of  what’s  to  come  from  book  3  which  does  have  a  title.  This  is  the  earliest  I’ve  ever  worked  out  a  title  for  a  book,  and  you  know  what?  I  think  I’m  going  to  share  that  today,  too.  Exciting?  Woohoo!!

Okay,  drum  roll,  please . . .

The  third  book  in  the  Nature’s  Destiny  series  is  called . . .

Guardians  Dynasty

And  here’s  this  months  7-line  teaser  which  I  only  wrote  on  Tuesday;  it’s  that  new!

*Unedited,  first  draft  only.  Content   subject  to  change.*

“The  story  of  the  Blood  Moon,  however,  is  supposedly  the  symbol  of  a  new  realm  on  Earth,   a  new  way  of  living  controlled  by  the  demons’  beasts.”

“Hell  beasts,”  Shane  clarified.  “They  tear  the  world  apart  until  fear  and  evil  is  all  that’s  left  within  the  humans.  No  hope.  No  happiness.  No  laughter.”

“And  the  demons  join  our  world  indefinitely,”  Riley  finished.

If  you  enjoyed  that  then  you  might  want  to  check  out  this  giveaway  I  have  going  on  right  now.  Every  Alpha  needs  a  Beta.  Just  like  Riley  depends  on  Nick  and  Shane,  I’m  offering  the  chance  for  two  lucky  readers  to  become  Beta’s  for  the  next  book  in  the  series.  What  does  that  mean?  It  means  YOU  get  to  read  the  next  story  before  anyone  else  AND  tell  me  what  you  think!  Sound  like  fun?  It  should  be!  Enter  here.  Good  Luck!

Also,  there’s  an  amazing  giveaway  going  with  Janet  Wallace (creator  of  UtopYACon) and  author S.M. Boyce  who’ve  teamed  up  to  offer  2  general  admission  tickets  to  2015’s  UtopYACon! How  awesome  is  that? If  you  want  to  know  more,  I  suggest  you  check  out  S.M Boyce’s  post  here,  and  then  you  can  enter  the  giveaway  here.  Trust  me,  this  is  a  giveaway  you  don’t  want  to  miss.

Every  month  several  other  incredibly  talented  authors  post  their  7-line  teaser,  too.  So  make  sure  you  check  out  the  list  below  to  see  what  they  have  to  offer  this  week.  Have  a  great  weekend!

Amanda  Aksel    –  Contemporary  Women’s  Fiction/ Chick Lit

Heather  Hildenbrand  –  YA

Kayla  Smith   –  Fiction,  YA

Steph  Nuss  –  Contemporary  Romance

Alicia  Sheehy   –  YA  Fantasy

Kasi  Blake  –  YA  Paranormal

S. M.  Boyce  –  Fantasy

Target Acquired

A  couple  of  weeks  ago  I  wrote  about  my  love  for  the  amazing  TV  programme,  Arrow,  and  then  I  spoke  about  my  goals.  Today,  I’m  going  to  talk  about  both  because…

The  first  look  at  season  3  came  out  yesterday  at  SDCC!

Have  you  guys  seen  it  yet?  NO?  Than  have  no  fear,  I’ve  got  this  covered!  Be  warned  though,  if  you  haven’t  seen  season  2  yet  then  you  may  want   to  skip  this.  Not  only  do  we  get  a  quick  recap  of   the  previous  action-filled  season,  but  we  also  see  some  Super  teasers  of  what’s  to  come.

What’s  that  I  hear  you  say?  Can’t  wait  until  October  to  see  it?  Yeah,  I  hear  you.

I  know,  I  know.  Quit  jibber  jabbing  and  show  the  damn  clip.

Okay,  I  hope  you’re  ready…

Don’t  worry,  I  know  exactly  what  you’re  thinking,  and  how  you’re  feeling  right  now.  My  emotions  were  up  and  down  throughout,  and  don’t  get  me  started  on  the  amount  of  frowns,  smiles,  and  confusion  displayed  on  my  face.


Please  tell  me  you  didn’t  miss  this  guy?  Can  Roy  Harper  get  any  better?

aRROW s3

And  then  there’s  that  scene.  You  know  the  one.  Starts  with  dinner  and  ends  in  blood…


Oh,  man!  For  a  two  minute  clip,  I  could  dissect,  hypothesise  and  talk  about  the  plot  lines  for  days!  I’ll  save  you  the  earache  though.  I’m  nice  like  that.

So,  where  do  my  goals  come  into  this?  SDCC.  San  Diego  Comic  Con.  The  mother  and  father  of  all  things  epic.  The  heroin(e)  to  my  inner  geek.  I  will  attend  next  year.  I  have  to.  I  need  to.

Goal  set.  Operation  Geek  is  a  go.

Winter,  out.

Arrow meme

Marking Milestones

For  some,  Friday  13th  brings  out  the  superstition.  A  fear  of  black  cats,  of  walking  under  ladders,  or  stepping  over  three  consecutive  drains.  Add  in  a  full  moon  and  the  spidey  senses  really  start  to  tingle.  That  wasn’t  the  case  for  me  yesterday,  in  fact  I  had  the  best  day,  and  here’s  why…

I  finished  the  first  draft  of  the  Nature’s  Destiny  sequel!

#Woohoo  #WerewolvesRule

While  the  sun  shines  gloriously  on  this  beautiful  Saturday,  I’m  dancing  around  like  a  loon,  spreading  plenty  of  happy  vibes  to  everyone  I  see.  I  mean,  hello!  I’ve  just  added  another  amazing  milestone  to  my  journey.  Why  wouldn’t  I  be  excited  and  full  of  infectious  cheer?

So,  now  I  bet  you’re  wondering  what  it’s  called,  and  because  I’m  all  about  sharing  I’m  going  to  tell  you.  Just  let  me  catch  my  breath  while  I  build  up  the  tension…

Ready?  I  thought  so.

The  Nature’s  Destiny  sequel  is  called…


It  was  only  fitting  that  I  finished  my  werewolf  novel  on  a  full  moon,  after  all.  And,  because  I  just  can’t  help  myself,  I’m  going  to  share  a  little  snippet.

I’m  off  to  spend  this  sunny  day  in  the  garden  with  my  kindle,  catching  up  on  some  much-needed  reading  as  a  way  to  celebrate.  Let’s  face  it,  I’d  be  crazy  if  I didn’t  take  the  time  to  acknowledge  this  little  achievement  with  some  sort  of  reward.

Though  I  still  have  rewrites,  and  editing  to  go  through,  I’m  pumped  with  energy  to  get  started  on  them  come  Monday  (if  I   can  last  that  long).  I’m  pretty  bad  at  chilling  out  without  feeling  guilty.  Anyone  else  feel  that  way?

Anyway,  I’ve  digressed.  I  wish  you  all  a  fantastic  weekend,  and  I  hope  you  enjoy  the  snippet  below  from  my  upcoming  novel,  Sapphire’s  Divinity.

*Content  may  change  come  publication*

The  brightness  of  orange  surrounded  me,  and  the  daunting  colour  of  black  billowed  into  the  sky.  I  was  trapped,  sweating  from  the  raging  temperature.  A  small  circle  of  the  dry  ground  was  all  that  stood  between  me  and  the  fire.  It  rose  like  a  wall,  curling  in  the  wind  like  tendrils  of  hair.

The  smoke,  so  strong  and  potent  burned  my  nose,  making  each  breath  harder  than  the  last.  I  was  choking,  desperately  searching  for  oxygen. 

I  had  to  escape,  I  was  needed  somewhere  else.  I  couldn’t  let  the  fire  stand  between  me  and  my  family.  They  were  testing  me,  seeing  what  strength  I  actually  possessed,  but  it didn’t  matter. 

My  physical  abilities  withered,  and  the  heat  was  unbearable.  It  wasn’t  my  powers  they  wanted,  it  was  my  mind.  No  matter  what,  when  my  family  was  in  danger  I  was  going  to  save  them  whatever  the  consequence.

Riley  needed  me.  I  couldn’t  explain  it,  but  the  turmoil  my  body  was  enduring  I  was  sure  was  his,  like  I  had  that  connection  with  him  again.  Nothing  hurt  me  more  than  knowing  Riley  was  in  pain.

I  searched  for  an  opening  in  the  fire,  but  it  was  no  use.  They’d  made  sure  I  couldn’t  leave,  which  only  fuelled  my  hatred.  I  was  past  the  point  of  caring  about  myself.

The  heat  was  exhausting,  and  I  struggled  even  more  with  my  basic  need  to  breathe.  I  mustered  what  little  strength  remained,  and  charged  through  the  fire. 

The  moment  the  flames  penetrated  my  skin  I  screamed  like  a  savage  beast.  My  skin  was  melting,  the  poignant  smell  of  burning  flesh  followed  me  as  I  forced  myself  to  endure  the  pain,  to  continue  forward.

My  face  blistered  uncontrollably,  and  my  willpower  faded.  I  was  losing  the  fight,  and  losing  the  will  to  live.